Monday, February 28, 2011

Seals and "Sea Enemies"

There are moments that make me forget that they fight like cats and dogs, and leave me believing that they truly do love each other!

Seriously, the sweetest child I have ever known.
Say cheese....

Daddy and his little man.  It took three children for Stephen to decide that wearing the baby carrier isn't too bad :)

Looking at "sea enemies" and loving their sticky tentacles!

Waiting for the big splash!

Waving at the seals


Mom thinks we are a little too close...big guy on the right was flailing around and barking loudly--clearly not happy about his company!

Hard to believe Savannah is almost as tall as Michael!

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Team Jaeski said...

Looks like so much fun! Was that down at the tidal pools in Point Loma? I've been wanting to take the kids there forever, but I was a little unsure about Dash's footing. So glad you have these family memories now!!