Friday, February 25, 2011

Stephen: "Let's go this way" Me: "Ok, (I hope we don't die)."

If you read the camping trip post, you may recall me mentioning Stephen's adventurous side and it's tendency to collide with my cautious's a photo from one of those times:
This picture is taken out the windshield on an unmarked dirt trail along the side of the mountain road driving into Big Bear.  Stephen saw the road (if you would call it that) and said, "Let's go down there."  I responded with, "Really?  But we might get stuck."
He smiled, as he always does, and turned off the paved road.  And we headed down this road for several miles, with room for only one vehicle at a time, as the snow piled up on either side as high as the truck was tall...until we got stuck, with no cell service, and no idea where to tell someone to look for us if we were able to get cell service.  I began to get worried and Stephen still smiled.

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Team Jaeski said...

Ha, that's awesome! Clearly you made it out okay and lived to tell the tale!!