Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas PJs

Michael was so excited about the monkeys on his new pajamas that he burst into song!

More videos!

This is an earlier version of singing Elvis...I don't think we are going to be able to "lose" this ornament!

Ever since Halloween, Savannah has been running around in Michael's Pirate hat. She pulls it down over her eyes and peeps out through the end of the hat. She toddles around crashing into things and shouts "boo boo" (peek a boo) when she sees your feet!

Savannah was so eager to get in the tub, that she raced back before Stephen or I were back there and went in fully dressed! She was having a blast!

Michael loves the seals at the zoo, and apparently the seals love him too! He played like this for 20 mnutes!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Loads of videos to upload!

So I haven't been so diligent with uploading video lately and we have a lot of cute videos to share, so I am going to try to upload several at once and see how it goes! Hope y'all enjoy and we don't overwhelm with videos...

We bought Kung Fu Panda on DVD and Michael LOVES it! He likes to Kung POO everything.

This is an Elvis ornament we "aquired" during our bible study's Christmas party ornament exchange. Everyone was allowed to "steal" an ornament from someone whom opended before them, but no one dared "steal" this one from us and esp not from Michael! He was rocking out from the minute he saw it. There are more to come!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Michael's Christmas Program

Here is the video from Michael's mothers day out Christmas program. Michael is such a riot! We prayed all morning that he would behave for it, and while he didn't exactly go along with the program, he didn't misbehave either. All the other parents laughed throughout the program at him and his teacher even told us after that they wanted him in the front because he loves to sing and is usually such a ham. He melted down right after this because he didn't want to leave the stage! Our first school program...definitely one for the books! (Sorry the quality isn't great-I had to compress it in order to upload it.)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday pictures-Oh what fun!

We got the kids pictures done over the weekend and what a disaster that was! I didn't realize when I made the appointment that it was the day after Thanksgiving and EVERYBODY would be there trying to take a family Christmas picture! We had a huge wait and by the time we were ready for pictures, Savannah wanted nothing to do with it! It really is some sort of miracle we got these few good shots!!!