Monday, August 3, 2009

Savannah's Quilt

Some of you know that last semester, while Stephen was very busy with school, we decided I would take a 4 week quilting class. It met one night a week and was supposed to teach you how to quilt, from beginning to end and was also supposed to serve as a small dose of sanity and quite time for me. After I had Savannah, I had dreams of sewing blankets, dresses, costumes...but also didn't know how to sew a stitch! So why not jump right in-skip the basics of sewing, how to mumbo jumbo-and go right for the big time!

I found gorgeous fabric online and began stock piling it for a twin sized quilt for her bed. The quilting class did teach me the basics, but also never finished the small quilt (it sits unfinished in a closet somewhere) and I was left hoping I knew enough to pull off this much larger and more expensive project without falling on my face.

I found blogs for several wonderful and amazingly talented women (Camille Roskelley, Heather Bailey, Jennifer Paganelli, and Sandi Henderson) who inspired me and taught me how to get through making this quilt! I know this isn't the most exciting post, but I am really proud of finishing it and super-happy that Savannah likes it:)