Friday, June 19, 2009

My little Parrot Heads!

We spent most of the morning doing this! I hit play on iTunes and turned up the volume and they boogied around the house for at least an hour to Jimmy Buffet. Michael's favorites are Cheeseburger in Paradise (which he can basically sing entirely) and Fins. I think he has a future as a break dancer and we may need to work on some other moves lol!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chubby Bunny

So if your familiar with the game Chubby Bunny, you'll think this is humorous! Every night Savannah shoves as much food in her mouth as is humanly possible, then chews, and repeats until supper is over. We call her the "Chipmunk." I laughed a few days ago because she reminded me of the game (Chubby Bunny) where you shove marshmallow after marshmallow in your mouth, always trying to say "Chubby Bunny" and I asked her to say it. And she did! And we died laughing! Here is the process a few days later, not as good as the first night, but still funny none the less.


This may be my favorite-ist video in a loonnggg time! Mostly because it SO captures where we are with Michael right now. He is the master of detail, recalling everything that happens and correcting you if ever you falter on something. Never can a trip to the playground be mentioned unless you are certain you will go. Never can a toy be removed from the toy cache without Michael telling you it is missing.

Michael recalls everything with extreme precision. His attention to detail is impeccable, so much so that everything has an exact place. Every bath tub toy has a precise "home" and must be put back in the same place after each bath!

We started watching a hilarious show on ABC last week called "Wipeout". It is sort of a spin off of the shows Ninja Warrior and Most Extreme Challenge from China. Basically, it is people getting annihilated on an obstacle course and laughing at how bad they wipe out. We watched it last week with Michael and today at supper he recounted, to the very last detail, the final round which consisted of (think of this as subtitles for the video):
1. Down a giant waterslide into the water
2. Across a ramp being hit with rolling barrels
3. Climb across a waterwall
4. Jump onto a spinning obstacle and falling into the water (which was full of bubbles)
5. and jumping across to the orange dot (the finish light)

There was also fire and a tunnel spewing bubbles which he mentions. The precision was amazing!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Michael's bike

We bought Michael a new bike last week because he is just too big for the tricycle and Savannah is wanting to ride it more and more. We asked the moron at Wal-Mart to get the 12" bike from the back-even gave him the shelf tag with photo and everything-and he came back out with a box assuring us it was the right bike. When we got home and unpacked the box, we found it to be a 16" bike. But Michael was already SOOOO excited by the "red rocket bike" that there was no chance any other bike would be acceptable. He is literally a smudge too small for this bike and it is just enough to make riding it difficult and frustrating for him. Here is the series of photos that go from joy and excitement to frustration and pouting. He keeps trying though, and wants to get out and try most everyday!

Getting ready to ride his "Rocket Bike"!!! He was SO excited!

His first lap around the cove. Jr took off the reflector on the back right after this so the seat could be just a little bit lower.

Much better once it was lower, but still a little bit of a stretch for his chubby little legs! He is definitely going to need some practice pedaling on the bigger bike.

Getting frustrated and taking off his helmet:(

And back to the tricycle...this is gonna take some time, patience and practice (and maybe a little growth spurt!)