Sunday, May 9, 2010

One of the Greatest Mother's Day Gifts...

It's incredibly hard to believe that three years ago, this little bundle of sunshine was my Mother's Day gift. Our sweet Savannah Grace came home from the hospital on Mother's Day and has continued to be one of the most precious blessings I could ever have hoped for.

Even more amazing to me is that in a little less than four weeks, this tiny newborn will be a big sister and our comfy family of four will grow to a family of five! The Lord has blessed us in so many ways!

Savannah Grace, as you turn three years old tomorrow, I want you to know several of the things you remind me of everyday:
1) Smile, and smile often. You sometimes even manage to smile while you are crying, pouting and throwing a fit.
2) Laugh and be cheesy! You will belly laugh until you snort, then say "what that noise?"
3) Dance and twirl, even if there isn't any music...and sing as loudly and off key as possible!
4) It's perfectly acceptable to leave the house wearing pink high heels, a tutu, superhero cape, a tiara and carrying a sword. Let the people stare, they are just jealous they can't pull that look off with such charm!
5) Nothing in the world warms my heart like a full body bear hug from you...even at 3 years old, you are still my "Baby".

I love you sweet girl and all the "shun-shiny" you have brought to our lives!