Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

This morning was officially pajama day! Stephen set up a tent in the living room and we watched cartoons and played with pillows, blankets and twirly light toys Lovey sent. We ordered pizza for lunch and just had a good time at home!

Gonna get you!

My favorite part of this video is when he backs into the trash can and then leans on it like he meant to do it! Too funny!

Monday, February 9, 2009

What's been going on...

Well, to start with, this is Savannah's new lunch bag! I LOVE IT! My mom sent it for Valentine's day because she knew how much I liked it and was wanting to get it for her. Michael has a cool Cars lunchbag, but Savannah's was just a blah black bag. I made her a matching tag right after I opened it! Now for her backpack...

I have been needing to clean the white cabinets all winter long, but it is such a pain to try to keep Michael and Savannah out of the kitchen while I clean. So today I cut the Magic Eraser in half and gave one to each of them and told them our fun game was wiping the cabinets clean...I actually put them to work!

I felt bad after the manual labor, so we took out the play-dough and made a big mess in the den! Savannah is still trying to figure out play-dough and just wants to eat it:)

Remember Mr. Potato Head? We now have a whole vegetable head garden-potato, carrots and corn! Michael loves putting them together and Savannah has fun with it too. I think the simply toys work out the best!

This is the first completed quilt block for Savannah's crib size quilt I am making. I love the fabrics and the colors and hope it looks good when it's finished!

This is all the fabrics for her quilt. I love the pink polka dot on the end-that will be the back side of the quilt.

I sewed this little skirt for Savannah the other day during naps and it was my first attempt at sewing with elastic. Not too bad...up next, layers!

Savannah now loves to sit at the table and tries to get up there any chance she can. It wan't be long before she is eating at the table in a booster seat!

The other day I kept Michael home from school to work on potty training again and his behavior and just to have a fun day by himself. We bought this t-ball set and he loves playing with it. He can actually hit it pretty far and likes throwing the ball to one of us to hit. I see little league in our future!