Saturday, June 14, 2008


I think Savannah enjoyed trying to eat the crayons more that she did the actual coloring! The first video you can hear Michael talk a lot, telling me what he has colored and in the second video you get to see what happens when a crayon breaks! Despite his best efforts, Michael cannot fuse a crayon back together!

Lovey & Pops' Pool

Little Michael loved this game-collect all the splash balls and assault Michael and Matthew! They played into it SO well, flopping back as though they had been hit each time. Love to hear his sinister little laugh if you turn the volume up!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Car Wash

New game: fill a dish pan with soapy water, add sponges and cars=lots of sudsy fun!
This has kept them occupied for an hour or two for the past two days...I can't ask more anything more!

I love the way he moves her aside and throws things at her. Isn't he just the sweetest big brother...and better yet how sweetly she deals with it!


Just got my new laminator and made my first round of placemats and put them on the website! Michael LOVES his placemat and is already trying to learn the letters in his name while he excited about these and hopefully everyone will think they are a cool gift idea!

The Ducks

We found a new park nearby and besides having a fun new playground, they have a pond with ducks and turtles! I found a bag of goldfish crackers in my bag and decided they would have to serve as duck food. Next time we will have to take a lot more to feed them!