Sunday, February 20, 2011

5 things...

Because I think it is a very good exercise to learn to take yourself not so are five things that made me feel like a dork this week...
1.  Stephen witnessed me do a happy dance when I discovered my first edition of my Cooking Light magazine subscription (which he purchased for me for Christmas) in the pile of mail we collected after our camping trip.  I {very literally} hopped, skipped and twirled from the kitchen to the living room to thank him and share my joy with this gift...I was met with sarcasm and ridicule over my excitement over a cooking magazine!

2.  Very much along the same lines as number one, I was over the moon excited by my Valentine's Day gift to myself this past week: a 38 piece set of new Tupperware from Costco.  This not only made me feel like an old housewife, but having a $5 off coupon that prompted the sale made me feel even more domesticated.

3.  I think about and laugh at Michael's knowledge of Star Wars at age five, because it FAR exceeds my knowledge of Star Wars accumulated over the past 30 years...I laugh at "the round robot named R-doo Dee-doo" and that "Anikan grows up to be the bad Darf Vador and he has a life saver!"  He is SO sure of this information.

4.  I was also equally excited about having really bad WiFi/Cable TV at the campground we stayed at this past week because it meant Stephen and I were able to veg-out and watch re-runs of Man vs. Wild and Gold Rush Alaska after playing too many rounds of Chutes and Ladders and Whack A Mole, pronounced Whackamole like Guacamole, with the kiddos.  Our camping trip would be called by some a was bitterly cold outside and we were being pounded by storms...but that's another story for another blog post!

5.  I LOVED my Valentine's Day flowers from Stephen (a bunch of Star Gazer lilies and Blue Iris) so much so that I dragged them on our RV/road trip...packing them oh-so carefully in the sink--between a can of baby formula, a camping stove pot and a roll of paper towels--so they wouldn't dump over as Stephen drove haphazardly up north!

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