Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So thankful for the little things!

Today Michael and Savannah had surgery to place tubes in their ears. It was made difficult by a really early morning and even harder because they were not allowed to eat or drink prior to the surgery. The surgery was scheduled for 7:30 am, but to be there on time (and one hour prior!) we had to wake the children at 5:45. They were so hungry and REALLY wanted milk. The surgery was very smooth and we were blessed with a great doctor and fantastic nurses. The kids were given crayons, coloring books and bubbles for the waiting area, and thank goodness for the bubbles! Savannah went back first and did great. She woke from the anesthesia wanting mommy and milk and after she got both, she rebounded more quickly than the nurses thought she would. Michael, however, woke fighting the medicine and in a fit. Stephen and I had to hold him for quite a while before he calmed down, but the nurses also let us leave much sooner than we were supposed to because they knew they were both so tired! We were all very happy to be home and the kids were running and playing like normal before nap time!

A day of firsts:
Today, we also witnessed several "firsts" with the kids. Savannah counted to 10 all by herself. She was looking at a book in the den and Stephen and I were off to either side when we both over-heard her counting the animals on the page! She is also starting to sing her ABC's and is talking and repeating words much more that a few weeks ago. She was so proud after and it was really sweet!

Michael and I were on the patio playing with chalk this afternoon when he drew a rectangle with four circles and told me it was a car! It was really the first time he has actually drawn something more than scribbles and it actually looked like what he intended. He also drew a larger on and it was a truck! He is slowing starting to take his time and trying to focus on what he is doing.

Otherwise, our life has been crazy and isn't getting much easier the next few weeks. Stephen will be swamped for the next two weekends and finals are quickly approaching! I have been busy with the kids and trying to finish uploading products to Pink Petal Press. Savannah no longer sits in her high chair and so we have bought her a booster seat for our table. She LOVES sitting with us at the table like a big girl and eating next to Michael! Throughout the chaos, we have been blessed with many "little" things and are so thankful for each of them!

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