Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sorry, it's been a while...


It snowed again yesterday and overnight last night...and I mean it SNOWED! We ended up with about 12 inches and although it is quickly melting, we are planning on enjoying it while it is still around. Yesterday the kids ventured out in an almost blizzard and ran around in the "no" for about an hour! They had a blast throwing snowballs and slipping and sliding around.

Savannah uncovered my garden gloves...last week is was 60 degrees and I was pruning bushes in shorts, this week 12 inches of snow. Go figure!

Daddy landed a snowball right on SG's forehead. She though about crying for a second and then realized 1) it didn't hurt and 2) it wasn't cold!

"No-ball is gonna get you!"

She is licking the snow off of her mittens. Such a cute snow angel!

Yes, he is jumping and not falling (as would be characteristic of Michael!)

Off into the little explorer!

Ok, so there are more to post, but I won't overwhelm you right now! xoxo

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