Friday, April 3, 2009

March Pics

Here are a few random pictures from March...After the snow melted, we spent the rest of the month switching between rain and sun (or "Shun-shine"). Which was great, except that our poor yard has become a swamp! I let the kids out one morning when they were begging to go outside and this is the result...than heavens for play-clothes and Oxi-Clean!

Michael and Savannah love to be outside and play very well together. I think our yard is just big enough that they can play together when they want to, but also have plenty of room to play on their own.

Savannah carries the pumpkin bucket around constantly and collects anything and everything she comes across. Luckily for her, the people who lived here before us left so much random stuff in the yard that everyday is like a treasure hunt!

Michael likes playing baseball with Stephen, but has definitely not grasped the concept that he might actually have to move the glove to catch the ball! I love that you can see the ball hitting right in front of him and he doesn't even flinch!

In the past month, Savannah has grown several inches! Michael has grown too, but it is most noticeable with Savannah. The top of her head used to be at Michael's shoulder and now she is almost as tall as he is lol!

And this might be my her dainty dress wearing daddy's cover!

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