Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The birth of a ballerina...

Ok, so that may be exaggerating a little...
but she surely did have a great time! 

Monday afternoon we had our first ballet "class."  This is by NO means any sort of real ballet school, just a preschool class at the YMCA that meets once a week for a month.  But to Savannah, she was joining the National Ballet Company! 

I made the mistake of telling Savannah about this ballet class more than a week ago, and I have been asked no less than a thousand times "Am I going to go to ballet class tooo-daaayy?!"  You have to understand that she has thought of herself as a ballerina for many months now and firmly believes that all her practice while watching the Angelina Ballerina movies has her lined up to be starring in The Nutcracker next month.  The problem largely lies in the fact that Savannah is less than graceful--she is downright clumsy!  Stephen makes fun of me all the time for the many bruises I rack up from colliding with the corner of the counter, the banister, the edge of our bed frame, and any other number of inanimate objects that jump in front of me. 

Let's just say that my ballet dreams were largely unfulfilled as a little girl!  And unfortunately, Savannah takes after me.  She loved this ballet primer class, and I'm hoping (without turning into some crazy Toddlers and Tiaras stage mom) she will stick with it...because she surely makes one adorable little ballerina!
Savannah's favorite mode of transportation across a room is twirling...this was right up her alley

Savannah and Ashley dancing with Miss Haley and practicing her ballet arms and tippy-toes

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