Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summer is on the way!!

In the last three days, I have watched my kids play in the sprinklers, shucked a bag of fresh corn, ate two dozen strawberries, and cut up a giant watermelon...what about that does not SCREAM Summer!!!
We have begun venturing to the beach...with three kids 5 and under and even with both puppies too!!  The kids LOVE the beach and we are blessed with amazing beaches within two miles of our house.  Gunner and Penny also love the water, but their days at the beach are limited to when Stephen and I can divide and conquer kids and dogs...I am not daring enough to venture to the dog beach alone yet!

Speaking of Summer...bike riding is big in our neighborhood!  We have a ton of kiddos on just our little stretch of Wahoo Lane (17 kids between 6 houses and they are mostly between 3 and 6 years old) and bike riding is a serious sport/activity!  Savannah has recently joined the "big kid" club and can ride with NO TRAINING WHEELS!!!  Woo hoo and way to go!!

Anyway...my thoughts have been on our upcoming Summer with this warm weather.  So, here's to hoping this Summer is sunnier than the last (and a few pictures of our recent shenanigans)!
Flying a kite...doesn't get much easier than this!

At the playground...a rare group photo with out nose picking, screaming, cheese smile, excessive drool, hitting, or three heads looking three different directions!
Bubbles!  Lots of bubbles!
Sand tastes good...but the waters sure is cold!
Our most recent acquisition--a sandbox.  May not last too long if they keep dumping the sand overboard though!

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