Monday, April 4, 2011

10 month birthday!

Can't believe how quickly time can fly..."baby" Jackson is already 10 months old!!
Here are a few things he is loving right now:
1. Standing and cruising
2. Climbing the stairs (and occasionally tumbling down one or two)
3. Only eating foods he can feed himself
4. Racing Penny to her dog food bowl in the morning and trying to get a yummy morsel before she inhales it.  This is a pretty funny game to watch!
5. Crawling around our den and kitchen loop saying "dadadadadadada" as though he may materialize if you repeat it with enough volume and frequency
6. Playing with Savannah's Barbies
7. Eating mulch, and sticks, and rocks, and grass...basically any organic matter he can get his hands on
8. Screaming almost everytime I try to put you in a carseat
9. Smiling at everyone!
10. A little dance we fondly call the Jackson Hucky-buck, which consists of bouncing his legs like a frog while flapping his arms wildly
11. Slobbering
12. Giving kisses with a wide open mouth, usually covering the recipient in the above mentioned slobber
13. Making a wide-variety of interesting noises including something that sounds like an elephant, a squeal, a giggle that melts my heart, blowing raspberries, clucking like a chicken, and shrieking...but not too many real words yet!
And finally...
Just being the BEST baby I could have ever asked for!

Happy 10 month birthday, baby Jack!  You sure do light up our lives =)

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