Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where does he get this stuff?!

Alright, so we have always known that Michael is ham, but as he gets older and his speech develops he is continually coming up with "catch phrases" that crack us up. Right now, the most popular are:
1. "It's dark and spooky!" usually referring to the bathroom or his bedroom without the light on.

2. "That so silly!" with his head tilted to the side and an eye roll.

3. "You okay, mommy?" I have been sick and coughing a lot and every time I cough he asks me this. I answer "yes, I'm okay" and the other day he responded with...

4. "I'm glad!" said matter of factly.

5. "Too par away" (yes par, not far) and "Me too big" usually in conjunction with each other.

6. "What dat noooise?" Very drawn out and asked repeatedly, over and over, and over, and over...

and finally, the new favorite

7. "Sorry bout dat!" which is actually really sweet and usually follows crashing into you or stepping on your foot.

In other news, Stephen has waged a war against Red Bird (the cardinal that sits on his rear view mirror and pecks at his reflection and simultaneously poops on his door.) He has borrowed a pellet gun and a bebe gun to attempt to either kill or convince the bird to move on. Here are some pictures of Michael helping daddy take target practice in the back yard. I particularly like the one with his eyes closed!

Apparently church is VERY tiring! Savannah barely made it into the house before she crashed on the floor.

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