Monday, September 29, 2008

Hopper Frog

After his nap today, Michael was outside digging in the dirt under the jungle gym when suddenly he came tearing into the house screaming! I quickly determined that he wasn't hurt and began the process of elimination to figure out what he was so worked up about-something bit him, a spider, Dixie did something, a bug..."no, no, no." Finally I got something about a hopper, which is usually a cricket or grasshopper. He took me to the climbing wall ladder and pointed to a little frog-hopper frog! Apparently it was taking a break in the cool shade and dirt when Michael disturbed his peace, tried to hop to his escape, and scared Michael. We sat for a while talking to Hopper Frog and Michael finally decided that Hopper needed our help to get back to a tree. Here are some videos of Michael talking about Hopper (it is kind of hard to hear sometimes because our AC is running in the background.)

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