Thursday, October 16, 2008

What's new

We have had lots going on lately, so I will try to sum it all up in one entry.

First, Michael got a big bed! We found a complete furniture set (with bunk beds) online and went ahead and bought it. Michael had destroyed his little toddler bed and was ready for a STURDY big bed! He loved helping Stephen put it together and was excited about it being in his room, but the first night he woke up crying and asked for his "little bed." He has settled in with it now and seems to be very happy with it.

Savannah has grown! She is still so petite, but she is quickly catching up to Michael. It's hard to realize that she is growing when I am with her everyday, but I noticed this morning that her feet now touch the foot rest on her high chair. Her hair is getting longer and, although she doesn't have Michael's curls, her hair now flips up at her shoulders! It's too cute!

We spent last Saturday at the Fall Harvest Festival at the AgriCenter with our good friends Brian and Cammie and their daughter Brinsley. Michael and Savannah love spending time with Brinsley (who is right between the two of them) and they all had a great time feeding the animals, picking pumpkins, dancing to live bluegrass music, and riding on the tractor-pulled hay rides.

Michael is talking so much more lately. This video was taken just after Michael got caught drinking Dixie's water with a straw! About half way through, he tries to tell me to "shhh, be very very quiet!" while hunting bugs! It's kind of hard to hear, so you may have to turn the volume up.

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