Friday, July 23, 2010

Meet William Jackson Howell, "Baby Jack"...

Baby Jack made his grand entrance on June 4th at 5 pm, weighing in at a tiny 6 lbs 2 ounces and 18 inches! The Lord truly blessed us that Stephen was able to fly in the night before I went to the hospital and be here for his birth. Michael and Savannah were thrilled to see daddy and meet baby was a very special weekend to say the least!

Overall, Jack's delivery was relatively easy but not without complications...seems that my babies DO NOT like to be induced and just like my labor with Michael, Jackson's heart rate kept plummeting as each contraction came. After a few hours of very intense Pitocin contractions, they actually stopped the medication all together to let him have a little recovery but it also basically stalled my labor completely.

They very slowly started the medication again, gave me an epidural, and encourage me to rest. Stephen and I just prayed that the Lord would deliver him quickly and without any further complications, and although they were telling me to try to sleep, I held my breath and fought back tears as I watched his heart rate drop with every contraction. Thankfully and with God's mercy, the second half of labor went very quickly and our baby boy arrived within 2 hours!

While the sex of the baby was a surprise, we were both SHOCKED to find out our baby was a boy...Stephen and I both thought this baby was a girl and I would have bet money on it!
We chose the name William Jackson after my much beloved grandfather, William Kinkella and Stonewall Jackson, one of the most gifted tactical commanders in US history. Savannah quickly named him Baby Jack and it has stuck!

Jack has been the sweetest addition to our family. He has the best temperament, sleeps {relatively} well, and just loves to be held. Michael and Savannah have done surprisingly well adjusting to the new baby, especially with daddy being gone for five months. Michael is definitely the helper and Savannah is the nurturer.

We have adjusted pretty well so far. Everyday is a different challenge with a four year old, three year old and newborn...we are counting down the days until Stephen comes home in September and praying I don't lose all sanity before then:)

Here's a few more favorite pictures from Jack's first month:

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