Saturday, July 24, 2010

Catching up

Wow, so I've been really absent from updating this blog for the past two months...and so very much has happened! Here's a very abbreviated photo tour of May, June and July:

We had one very special little princess turn three!

Have made several trips down to the beach, which is about 2 miles from our house!

Ride bikes and play at our playground everyday.

Lovey came to visit for the arrival of Jack and took the kids to pick strawberries and have ice cream at the harbor.

We had a very special Fourth of July visit from daddy, complete with a new trampoline, lots of time outside, and playing with our cousins!

Jack's gotten stronger and fatter everyday! He has a really *tough* life ;)

Michael started soccer in July and has had a love/hate relationship with the game...he gets really frustrated and then really excited within a matter of five minutes.

We have even ventured to the pool a few times, but it just hasn't warmed up enough to be real enjoyable.

We took the kids to Lake Elsinore to ride on the boat and play on the beach with Aunt Nicky and our cousins, Mason and Kayden. It was HOT-105-but the water felt good and they swam until they passed out!

Jackson got his first pair of jeans;) and is already wearing size 3 month clothes! He is gonna be a chunk! Michael also learned how to ride a skateboard and I am just waiting for our first ER visit...

And in one surprising turn of events, Stephen bought us a chocolate lab puppy, named Gunner, in Oklahoma. While I am very excited and the kids are thrilled, I don't know that I am 100% OK with adding a puppy to our already chaotic house..he's awfully cute though!

It's been a wild three months, with Stephen being in Oklahoma, Jack's arrival, Savannah's birthday and the adjustment to having three babies. The end of July and August bring more soccer games, a trip to Oklahoma, and the promise/hope of some more sunshine and warm weather!

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