Monday, July 20, 2009

"Say Hippo"...a Savannah Update

Savannah LOVES to sing-she sings the same songs every night (the night-night baby song, Jesus Loves Me, and Itsy Bitsy Spider), asks for the same songs at nap time (usually Twinkle Star and You are my Sunshine), and has started singing her ABC's, which are hit or miss at thier best! Her favorite song is "Itsy Spider" and she sings it ALL THE TIME!

It's also become a fun game to try to get her to say big words-I know it may seem cruel but it's usually hilarious. Our favorites are rhinoceros, hippopotamus, and Mississippi. Speaking of hippos, Savannah could watch the Polar Bears at the zoo ALL DAY LONG! She loves them and it makes me think about when I was little and had a stuffed polar bear that I loved until it about fell apart. We still have it (hiding in one of their closets because I can't "bear" to get rid of it!)

It's also hilarious to see what Savannah decides to wear each day. While I may dress her in the morning, she accessorizes throughout the day. This is what she wanted to wear to a BBQ at a friends house a few days ago-stroller, bunny ears and barbie shoes! You've got to love this little girl!

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