Thursday, July 9, 2009

Holiday Weekends, Aquaman, and pink sunglasses

I love holiday weekends because for some reason that vacation feeling seems to run into the days preceding it! For instance, this past weekend was the 4th and the whole week before we found fun things to do and it just felt holiday-ish. We played with buckets of bubbles in the back yard, rode paddle boats at Shelby Farms, decorated party crowns for absolutely NO reason, amd spent the 4th in Montgomery. We've also bought a Wii and are LOVING it! More on the Nintendo adventures later...

Michael has a Super Friends book that he picked out at the bookstore a few weeks ago. Since then, he has become obsessed with the book and the "super guys" in it. I found a few of the same Super Friends at Target and bought them to give to Michael as a special reward. So far he has earned Aquaman-aka Nemo Guy. He has lost his head twice in two days and I am glad he is so durable! Thanks goodness for plastic! This makes me feel like Michael is more of a little boy now and not just a toddler...he's growing up so fast!

Oh, they do love each other!

Paddle Boats at Shelby Farms. Savannah can't leave home, or anywhere for that matter, without her pink sunglasses!

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