Monday, January 5, 2009


A new year is upon us and we are looking forward to what 2009 will bring!
The biggest and most exciting change will happen in August when Stephen graduates from the University of Memphis and is commissioned as a United States Marine Corps Lieutenant! Woo Hoo! We have been waiting for this moment for five years and I can't believe it is actually on the books! The Lord has blessed Stephen's career in so many ways and we are so eager to see what He has in store for his new career as an officer.
Upon graduation, Stephen will attend The Basic School in Quantico, VA for six months, where he will learn what his new officer job will be and where we will be stationed. He will likely begin TBS school in October and we will be trying to sell our house before then so that the children and I can move with him to VA. This is a huge change for us and so many logistical concerns, but we are equally excited for it!
As for me, Pink Petal Press continues to prosper. I am in the process of upgrading my website and CAN'T WAIT for the new website to debut! We are still working around the house and I constantly have projects on my list. After running the USMC 10k in October, I have decided that I would like to train for a half-marathon in 2009. Stephen has promised to help me train and even run it with me (at my much slower pace!) This would be a huge accomplishment since the six mile race about killed me!
The kids start back at Mother's Day Out tomorrow and while the time with all four of us at home was a treat, we are happy they get to go back to school! They both love the church and their teachers and I think it is as much a treat for them as it is for me to have a free day!
Savannah has grown quite a bit and while she is still "tiny" she is quickly catching up to her brother in height! She LOVES her rain boots and has basically not taken them off for a week! When she can't find her boots, she wears Michael's!
Michael has been enjoying "The Planet Earth" series and can name almost every animal! He is so smart and like a sponge-absorbing everything. He is still having trouble with his speech and while he talks a TON and super-fast it is still hard to understand everything he says. We both get frustrated easily by this because he has so much to say and we just have a hard time understanding it all.
Overall, 2008 was a very blessed year for our family and we can't wait for the joys 2009 will bring!

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