Sunday, January 17, 2010


Its definitely too cold and rainy to go camping in the woods, so Stephen took Michael "camping" in the playroom last night. They bought little lanterns and found the sleeping bags and it was all Michael talked about the entire day!

Pretending to go to sleep after we set the tent up.

He told daddy that the sun was going down at 5 and it was time to camp, then was ready for bed at 6, patiently waited until 7 to set up the tent, and cordially agreed to take a bath before bed...he was so excited, he probably would have done anything we asked him too!

Ready for lights out! Can you see his little smile behind his thumb...

I made pancakes with strawberry sauce and bananas for breakfast! But apparently Savannah was still bummed she didn't get to camp too...Who knew pancakes could be so sad!

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