Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring Muscial/Michael's meltdown.

We had Michael's end of the year Spring Musical last week and-knowing Michael-we once again prayed he would behave/make it through the show. The three year olds sang three songs and this video shows the first one-and only one-Michael sang. As soon as the instruments were collected, he lost it and spent the remaining two songs on the edge of the bleachers crying. I could understand what was going on, just knowing him and felt bad that I couldn't yell out to his teacher and tell her what he was wanting. Sadly, it was more than just wanting his instruments back...he was sad they wouldn't let him go back to his spot (front row center) and sing and he couldn't see us in the crowd anymore. Stephen and I could hear his little voice and read his lips over the other children and both knew that was why he was so sad. It broke my heart that he missed that chance simply because he was mad about losing his "instrument". Oh, and we couldn't believe that they didn't save that song for the end or let them keep the instruments the whole time-they're THREE for crying out loud!!!!!

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