Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Yesterday was Halloween and it was a beautiful day! We really didn't have any plans, so after naps I dressed Michael up in his Pirate costume (which he picked) and we went out back to play while Savannah was still asleep. He had a blast with his sword!

When Savannah woke up, she put on her Snow White costume and we took some pictures. Stephen had to conduct drill practice with the ROTC students, so we loaded in the car and drove to school to run on the field and give him a chance to see the kids all dressed up.

The costumes didn't last much longer than that! Michael ran around the rest of the day wearing nothing but underpants, a pirate hat and his sword. We didn't trick or treat this year, but will try it next year. Savannah is still too little to understand and Michael is just not interested.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and is doing well!

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